Aerial Motion is a cosy pole and aerial fitness studio situated in the town centre of Haverhill, Suffolk. Opened in August 2019, at Aerial Motion we are dedicated to providing an inviting, friendly environment where people of all backgrounds can come and enjoy the most fun way to keep fit! Offered are Children’s aerial hoop classes, pole fitness classes, aerial hoop classes and stretching and flexibility training.

Pole Fitness

Pole fitness classes at aerial motion are all about using the pole to increase the potential of what your body can do, using the pole to do it. Classes have a mix of spinning and static pole spins, tricks, combinations and conditioning exercises incorporated in them. Needless to say they are great for improving upper body, core and leg strength!

Aerial Hoop

Hoop classes at aerial motion helps students to push their bodies to its limits by creating shapes, tricks and dynamic movements in the hoop. It is a beautiful, fun and all over body workout.

Aerial Yoga & Aerial Hammock

Aerial Yoga uses yoga style movement, stretching and muscle engagement with use of a hammock and and of course some inversion (going upside-down) added in! This class is both challenging and gentle. Our students especially love our guided relaxation whilst floating in the hammock at the end! Aerial Hammock is based more on tricks and flips using the hammock to build strength and have fun!

Classes & Training


Aerial Hoop Classes


Pole Fitness Classes


Aerial Yoga & Hammock


Children’s Classes


What Others Are Saying

“I absolutely love my hoop lessons and have recently started taking pole too, as a total beginner and someone who didn’t fancy the gym, this is a really fun way to keep fit and be sociable at the same time! Emily is a fantastic teacher, all the classes are well structured and the studio is really cosy and clean. Highly recommend! ❤️”

“If you’ve been wanting to try pole or hoop, please go down to Aerial Motion. Emily is the most amazing instructor, so kind and patient. I’ve been doing pole with Emily for a few years now and people always say that they’re scared to try it, they’ll embarrass themselves, they’re not strong enough but pole and hoop is for anyone, it is so much fun and you will always leave feeling good about yourself ☺️??‍♀️ such a fun way to get a work out xx”

“I have had memberships to gyms and classes time and time again, but it never lasts and I always quit. Hoop classes with Emily has kept me motivated for months now. Finally! finding something I enjoy, doing it with a really great bunch of supportive girls. I am excited to go each week and emily is a fantastic teacher.”

“I started aerial hoop in April and absolutely love it!! Emily is so supportive and an amazing teacher. Sessions are always friendly, welcoming and I look forward to every lesson! I had scoliosis surgery 6 years ago and never in a million years did I think I could achieve and do what Emily has got me doing ❤️”

“I decided to try something new at the end of last year and absolutely love pole and hoop fitness. Emily is an excellent trainer and very patient, especially with me, as upper body strength and flexibility certainly does not come naturally. In 2 months I’ve gained some much strength, toning and confidence, I look forward to each class.”

“Emily is the most fantastic teacher. Funny, patient and the ability to turn everyone into a much bendier version of themselves. I’m arthritic and not alot of my body works and she’s managed to teach me to not only do the moves but, more importantly, to believe I can do any move. Go to try and keep going because it’s addictive. Thanks Emily”