Available Classes

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2024 Class Schedule

Aerial Hammock

Aerial Hammock classes are available for Adults and Juniors. This class will take you though fun and interesting flows, tricks and flips in the hammock. This class is perfect for strengthening upper body strength. As with Aerial Yoga this class finishes with a relaxation for adults. Classes for adults are no more than 5 people, ensuring your own hammock for the entirety of the class. For juniors there are no more than 8 per class. It is a real favourite amongst our junior attendees!

Regular classes currently on hold

Available for Private parties

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is for ages 16+. This class will take you through movement and poses in the hammock that will promote breath awareness, deep stretching, spinal decompression and relaxation. In this class you will have your own hammock for the entirety of the class, with no more than 5 students per class you can be sure your instructor will have plenty of time to guide you through your aerial yoga journey. This is such a wonderful class with so many benefits ensuring both a workout and  relaxation of body and mind. 

Workshops held regularly, please get in contact to confirm time/days

Available for private parties

 With Katie Pugh & Emily Stockings

Beginner Level 1 Aerial Hoop

This will class is perfect for people who are working on their basic Aerial Hoop skills and/or have completed the “Introduction to Aerial Hoop Course”, it will go through the basics of hoop and build your strength and skills to make beautiful shapes in the hoop. Please see our FAQs page for advice on what to wear/bring to the class if you are new!

Beginner 3-4 7:20pm
Beginner 1-2 8:25pm

With Katie Pugh

Intermediate Aerial Hoop

This is our intermediate hoop class, focusing on higher level moves and transitions on the bottom and top bar. You should be comfortable in mounting the top and bottom bar to attend this class.

Monday 6:15pm

With Katie Pugh

Junior Classes

The studio currently offers Aerial Hoop classes for Junior students. Please contact us to find out which group your child would be more appropriate for, these groups are based on age and ability. Please read the FAQs for Junior classes before your child attends.


Please contact us to start Aerial Hoop

We currently have space at 9-10 am Saturdays 

With Emily Stockings & Katie Pugh

Beginner Level 1-2 Pole Fitness

This class is perfect for those building on their basic beginner sits, spins and combos and/or those who have completed their ‘Introduction to Pole’ course. Please refer to the FAQs to prepare what to bring/wear when attending this class.


Wednesday 6:40 & 7:45pm

With Chrissie Barker

Beginner Level 3-4 Pole Fitness

This class is for those comfortable with their basic pole moves. Students should be familiar with climbing, sits and basic beginners spins to attend this class.

Thursdays 6:15pm

With Dorigen Bell

Intermediate Pole Fitness

This class is for those comfortable with all their basic moves. We will focus on harder tricks up the pole and incorporating them into combinations. You should be able to invert to attend this class.

Level 3-4 Tuesday 6.30 With Emily Stockings

Level 1-2 Tuesday 7:40pm With Abi Robbins

Level 1-2 Thursday 7.20pm With Dorigen Bell

Flexibility Classes

These classes are for those wishing to improve their flexibility. In each class we work hard to strengthen and control active flexibility to improve range of motion.
In our upper body flex we focus on opening shoulders, chest and back. We spend some time working on back bends.
In leg flex we work on our legs to get you further towards box and front splits.